Airline Economics Aviation Industry Global Leaders’ Report: Interview with Austin Wiley on the future of the aviation industry post-pandemic

San Francisco – January 2021 – In the 2021 Airline Economics Aviation Industry Global Leaders’ report, produced in partnership with KPMG, Austin Wiley, Chief Executive Officer of SKY Leasing, discusses how he sees the aviation industry changing post-pandemic, and how this could create potential opportunities for SKY Leasing in the future.

“We have seen airlines that haven’t traditionally used the lessor channel in a major way, utilising it now to fund deliveries. Those are the rare opportunities that we wanted to grab.â€

The Aviation Industry Leaders Report 2021: Route to RecoveryWatch the Aviation News Interview

About SKY Leasing

SKY Leasing (“SKY”) is a premier aircraft leasing asset manager with offices in Dublin, Ireland and San Francisco, California. It was founded in 2019, in partnership with M&G Investments which acquired a stake in the business and invested $300 million of equity in its first fund. As a full service leasing platform, SKY leverages its experience, global network, industry insights and managerial talent to acquire and lease new and young mid-life aircraft. SKY’s corporate mission is to be a leading capital provider to airlines globally for sale and leaseback transactions.

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